10 Best Websites to Score Remote Jobs in USD-Conquer Your Goals


The world of work is changing, and remote opportunities are on the rise. 

Imagine sitting in the comfort of your home in Pakistan while earning in US dollars. 

In this article, we’ll explore 10 fantastic websites that cater to the Pakistani audience, offering remote job opportunities that pay in USD. Each of these websites has its own unique features to help you find your dream job.


RemoteOK is a job board specifically designed for remote positions. It’s perfect for Pakistanis who want to explore a wide range of international remote job opportunities. 

The site’s minimalist design makes it easy to navigate and find the jobs that match your skills.


Freelancer.in is a versatile platform connecting freelancers with clients from around the world. 

It’s an ideal choice for Pakistanis with a variety of skills, from writing and design to software development. You can bid on projects and earn in USD.


JustRemote.co is tailored for those seeking remote jobs in tech and development. 

Pakistani tech professionals can browse through a curated list of jobs that match their expertise and gain access to a community of like-minded individuals.


FlexJobs.com specializes in remote and flexible job opportunities. 

With its extensive database of job listings, it’s perfect for those in Pakistan looking for part-time, freelance, or full-time remote work, all with a focus on legitimacy and quality.


Remote.com offers a variety of remote jobs with global companies. 

The unique feature here is the company profiles, which provide insight into the culture and benefits of potential employers, helping you find the perfect fit.


WorkingNomads.com simplifies your job search by delivering a curated list of remote job opportunities to your inbox daily. 

Pakistani professionals can receive job alerts tailored to their skills and preferences.


WellFound.com is an up-and-coming job board that focuses on remote positions in various domains. 

It’s user-friendly and caters to a diverse range of skills, making it an excellent choice for Pakistani job seekers.


Himalayas.app is unique in that it’s designed for remote teams, offering jobs specifically with remote-friendly companies. 

If you’re interested in working with companies that have embraced remote work as part of their culture, this is the place to be.


TryRemotely.com allows you to browse remote job opportunities and track the hiring process from start to finish. 

Pakistani job seekers can enjoy transparency and stay updated on their job applications.

RemoteOK.com (Yes, again!)

RemoteOK.com deserves a second mention because it’s one of the most popular and reliable platforms for remote jobs. 

It boasts an active community and its extensive job listings cover various industries.


With these 10 websites, Pakistanis have a world of remote job opportunities at their fingertips, all offering payments in USD. 

Explore these platforms, leverage their unique features, and embark on your journey to international earning potential. 

Whether you’re a tech guru, a creative genius, or a generalist looking for remote work, there’s something for everyone in the world of remote jobs. 

Don’t wait, start your remote job search today!

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