20 AI tools for building a $100K+ business

20 AI tools

These AI tools are quickly becoming the backbone of many successful businesses, not just globally but right here in our beloved Pakistan as well. And guess what? Many of these tools are absolutely free! So, why not take full advantage?

Website Building: The Online Storefront of Your Business

Your website is often the first interaction a potential customer has with your brand. Make it count with these free AI-powered website builders:

  1. 10web.io: Ideal for those who desire a professional look without the fuss.
  2. Durable.co: For those who appreciate robust and lasting designs.
  3. Landingsite.ai: Crafted with AI for those who demand intuitive layouts.

Designing & Generating Eye-Catching Images:

Why hire a graphic designer when AI can do the job? These tools are game-changers:

  1. Stockimg.io: Dive into a plethora of royalty-free images.
  2. Leonardo.ai: Harness the power of AI for designing unique visuals.
  3. bluewillow.ai: Generate and edit images like a breeze.
  4. designer.microsoft.com: Trust Microsoft to have your back in image design.

Video Generation/Editing: Making Stories Come Alive

Videos can convey emotions and messages unlike any other medium. And creating them has never been easier:

  1. Unscreen.com: Remove video backgrounds without a green screen.
  2. Flexclip.com: Edit and merge clips to perfection.
  3. Descript.com: Overdub, edit, and design with this genius.
  4. RunwayML.com: Venture into the next level of video creation and editing.

Business Tools: Operating with Precision

Run your operations smoothly and efficiently with:

  1. Instantly.ai: Revolutionize your outreach with AI-crafted cold DMs.
  2. Clickable.so: Create compelling and clickable ads.
  3. Buffer.com: Manage and schedule your social media like a pro.
  4. SuperHuman.com: Navigate your emails like the wind.
  5. Gamma.app: Deliver presentations that captivate.
  6. ChatSimple.ai: Let AI handle customer support, giving you time to focus on growth.

Writing Tools: Craft Words that Resonate

Content is king. Let AI be your queen:

  1. Jasper.ai: Watch it spin articles with finesse.
  2. Vondy.com: Let your words flow and resonate.
  3. BlogSEO.ai: Ensure your blogs rank and reach the masses.