8 Insane AI tools you probably didn’t know Existed

Whether you’re an entrepreneur, a student, or just a tech enthusiast, there’s likely an AI tool out there that could simplify things for you. Here, we unveil eight AI-powered platforms that are altering the game in their respective fields. You might just find one that becomes your next favorite tool!

1. Gptexcel.uk – Free Excel Formula Generator

Gone are the days when Excel formulas were a daunting task. With Gptexcel.uk, you can now quickly generate Excel formulas tailored to your needs. Instead of spending countless hours debugging your formulas, feed your requirements into Gptexcel.uk, and let the AI work its magic. Your spreadsheets are about to become a lot smarter!

2. Namesnak.com – Free Business Name Generator

Every budding entrepreneur knows the struggle of finding the perfect name for their business. Namesnak.com uses AI to churn out creative, catchy, and relevant business names based on your inputs. Say goodbye to hours of brainstorming and say hello to your brand’s perfect name.

3. Stockimg.AI – AI Logo Designer & Art Generator

Why hire a graphic designer when you have an AI at your fingertips? Stockimg.AI is a gem for startups and individual creators. This platform creates innovative logos and artworks tailored to your brand’s ethos. Ensure your brand stands out with designs generated by cutting-edge AI.

4. Upcat.app – Free Upwork Assistant

For freelancers navigating the vast ocean of Upwork, Upcat.app is your compass. This platform helps freelancers identify the best job matches, optimizes profiles, and even assists in drafting proposals. Boost your freelance career and increase your chances of landing that dream gig!

5. Simplified.com – Free Copywriter

Crafting compelling copy is an art. But with Simplified.com, you get an AI wordsmith ready to assist. Be it blog posts, ad copies, or product descriptions, this tool crafts content that captivates. For businesses and individuals alike, it’s a game-changer.

6. Sellesta.com – Amazon Sales Optimizer

For Amazon sellers looking to scale their ventures, Sellesta.com is the secret weapon you’ve been seeking. This tool provides AI-driven insights, optimizes product listings, and even suggests pricing strategies. Amplify your Amazon sales and stay ahead of the competition.

7. learningstudioai.com – AI Learning Tool

Education meets innovation at learningstudioai.com. This platform offers personalized learning experiences, adapts to individual needs, and even tracks progress. Whether you’re a student, a teacher, or a lifelong learner, this AI tool ensures you grasp concepts like never before.

8. Rephrasely.com – AI Paraphraser

For writers, students, and researchers, Rephrasely.com is a must-have. This platform takes any chunk of text and rephrases it to maintain meaning while ensuring originality. Dodge plagiarism and refine your content with the help of this nifty tool.


In the vast landscape of tech innovation, AI tools are the sparkling stars guiding our path. Whether you’re diving into the world of business, carving a niche in freelancing, or just looking for tools to optimize your everyday tasks, the platforms mentioned above promise to supercharge your endeavors. Dive in and discover the AI magic!

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