11 Best Free Courses To Learn Online In Pakistan 2024

There are many free courses available online that can help improve your skills and knowledge. Whether you want to learn more about a specific skill or simply brush up on your current skills, there are plenty of options available.

Some popular free courses include those offered by LearnOnline.pk, Youtube, and Udemy. These platforms offer a wide range of courses, covering everything from programming and data science to Freelancing and Digital Marketing, etc.

If you’re not sure where to start, LearnOnline a newly launched platform is a great option, especially for Pakistani folks as it offers courses from a top instructor different kind of courses such as Amazon affiliate marketing, Graphic Designing, Digital Marketing, and Content Writing. You can also check out the most popular courses on Youtube, Coursera, and Udemy to get an idea of what’s currently trending.

Once you’ve found a few courses that interest you, take some time to read the reviews and descriptions to ensure that it’s the right fit for your learning goals. And with that, you’re well on your way to mastering a new skill or subject matter- all for free!

But with the help of this blog post, you’ll not need to do research for any kind of course because we’ve already done it for you. You’ve only to read the below article and select your favorite course and start learning today.

11 Best Free Courses To Learn Online In Pakistan

Here we’ll discuss the 11 best free courses to learn online and also talk about each course trainer:

1. Blogging And Amazon Affiliate Marketing Course

In this course, you’ll learn complete basic things about blogging and affiliate marketing such as:

  • What a blog is?
  • Why do people make it?
  • How to select a niche for your blog?
  • A keywords research guide.

Ismail Blogger is one of the top 10 bloggers in Pakistan who has spent more than 10 years in this field. At the start this course was paid, but as we launched our Pakistan first ever online learning platform LearnOnline.pk, now we published this course free of cost for anyone. This course is divided into 6 modules:

  • Niche Research detail guide
  • Keywords Research, Website Set up
  • Content Writing
  • Amazon Affiliate Account Creation
  • Search Engine Optimization SEO
  • Website Designing

Which goes up to 60 plus videos. You can understand that this course is in full detail, especially for beginners.

Now you’ll be thinking that where can I find it. So don’t worry, it’s available here on this platform click on the courses button and you’ll move to the courses section where you’ll find this course and more like this with different instructors such as Rehan Allahwala, Hisham Sarwar, Shajeel Khan, Basit Ali, and Shehzad Ahmad Mirza.

2. Digital Marketing Course

Hisham Sarwar is one of the most experienced and connective instructors with students whether it’s on Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, or Instagram. He’s doing very well, especially in the growth of freelance and online earning businesses. In the last 3 years, he did very big which wasn’t possible to be done in the next 10 years, he awakened the students’ community about online earning and business opportunities.

In this digital marketing course, you’ll learn:

  • What’s digital marketing?
  • How does it work?
  • How to do email marketing?
  • How to do digital marketing through social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, etc?
  • Digital marketing with Youtube
  • How to do Copywriting?
  • Website for digital marketing
  • App Marketing
  • Amazon digital marketing
best free online courses to learn

After you complete this course, you’ll have full command of the above-mentioned skills. As we know that every business is moving to the digital sphere and they all need someone who can manage their business in the online world.

Moreover, This course is consist of 70 plus videos which we set up in multiple modules so that students can watch them easily. So if you’re interested, go and enroll yourself and start learning today.

3. Video Editing

Video Editing is one of the most demanded skills in recent few years. As every content creator wants to share his knowledge and information through social media platforms and video is one of the best and easiest choices with them to connect with the audience.

This video editing course is created by the best video editing and graphic designing trainer Imran Ali Dina who has trained more than 1 million students around the world. After watching his course, you’ll be able to work with clients around the world because of the advanced training techniques he uses for students.

So what’re you waiting for, go to his youtube channel “GFX Mentor” start watching his videos carefully and become a professional video editor in 3 months. In his channel, you’ll also find graphics, logos, and other design courses.

4. Content Writing Course

Content writing is one of the best freelance skills to learn in 2022 but most students complain about its course. So no more complaints, I can say that you’ll not find any best freelance writing course than Khalil Ullah Khan’s content writing course.

In this course, he gives a complete guide about content writing such as:

  • How to start your career as a freelance writer?
  • How to write a blog post?
  • How to approach the clients?
  • Some advanced tips about blog post writing

It’s a short course but remembers it’s full of advanced tips for anyone who wants to become a writer. I myself recommend this course to students to start it and in a short time, you can become a professional writer if you give your full effort.

This course is covered in 9 videos which are not that long but I believe you’ll learn something important which even people don’t in paid courses.

So if you’re interested to learn it, go to youtube and search “Khalil Ullah Khan” and visit the playlist category and there you’ll find a content writing course.

5. Flutter Complete Hand-To-Hand Guide

Flutter is a mobile cross-platform development instrument that brought a lot of benefits for developers. This software was launched in 2018 and now it’s stable development software and it’s widely used by developers.

This course is made by Asif Taj who has been using flutter software since 2018. Asif Taj is a very experienced developer, especially in Flutter development. I personally like his training method and I believe you’ll not find anyone else who would train you about Flutter as he did in this course. Another main point to starting this course is that it’s the latest Flutter course and there’s no other latest course like this.

you’ll be taught about:

  • What is Flutter and how does it work?
  • How to install it on both Macbook and Windows?
  • How to start your first project in Flutter?
  • And also do a practical project to make it easy for you.

So if you want to learn Flutter, visit his Youtube channel by the name “Asif Taj Tech” where you’ll find his complete course. And if you want to get in touch with then you can also join his Facebook group where he’ll give you support if you had any issues or doubts related to Flutter.

6. Adobe Photoshop And Illustrator Graphic Designing

I don’t think there will be a graphic designer who doesn’t know GFX Mentor. If you do, then no need to expand it anymore. As I mentioned above that Imran Ali Dina is one of the best trainers in Pakistan who teach students video editing and graphic designing through his YouTube channel.

These are two different courses; in one you’ll learn about Photoshop and another is about Illustrator.

  • What you’ll be taught are:
  • What are Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator?
  • How to use Photoshop?
  • How to design in Photoshop?
  • How to design in Illustrator?
  • How to design a logo? and many more.

These two courses are covered nearly 80 videos which will make you a professional designer in the market. So if you want to watch these courses, go to his Youtube channel “GFX Mentor” and start watching his courses carefully.

7. Ethical Hacking Complete Course

To be secure is one of the main focuses for every platform or website owner but it’s impossible without having a clever and intelligent hacker. But most of the students complain that we can’t afford the investment to do an Ethical hacking course. But don’t worry, now it’s covered by WS Cube which is one of the biggest online skills training institutes that provide courses physical and online and even free of cost also.

This course is taught by an experienced trainer Ashish Kumar. And he gives a practical guide on how to make a website secure and many more things related to Ethical hacking.

If you’re interested to learn about Ethical hacking, go to their Youtube channel “WS Cube Tech” and find the playlist of the Ethical hacking course.

8. Logo Design Complete Course

Arsalan Ahmad is also a Youtube instructor who teaches all about graphic designing. His Youtube channel is “Design Academy” and this course is available on LearnOnline.pk.

In this course, he’ll teach you:

  • How to do business card design?
  • How to do the page panel?
  • Tools Guidance
  • Text frame
  • How to earn with Designing?
  • Object styles

So if you want to enroll in this course, go to the course section and start learning graphic designing. It’s a short course of 14 videos but very beneficial for beginners.

9. Upwork Complete Course

This course is made by one of the best Upwork freelancers “Shajeel Khan” who’s been doing freelancing in the Upwork marketplace for so long. It’s one of the best freelancing courses about Upwork which is one of the best marketplaces for freelancers.

In this course, you’ll be taught about:

  • How to make an attractive profile?
  • How to get the job?
  • How to send a proposal?
  • And many more tips and tricks about freelancing in Upwork?

Shajeel Khan Upwork course is the best Upwork course in Pakistan. If you want to learn how to do freelancing in Upwork then you must watch this course.

So you can easily watch this course on our platform in the courses section and another benefit of watching it here is that our team will give full customer support to clear your problems.

10. Technical SEO Course

Amit Tiwari is one of the expert SEO consultants in the market. He’s been teaching different strategies for SEO and other technical SEO-related things. I myself follow him for so long and it helps me a lot, especially since he has been sharing updates to new Google Algorithm and SEO strategies.

In his technical SEO course, you’ll learn:

  • Log File Analysis
  • How to index your article?
  • Schema
  • Guide to different Plugins Usage
  • What are HTTP status codes?
  • Semantic SEO
  • How to optimize LDP score?
  • How to solve sitemap errors?

So I hope you got the necessary information related to this course. Now if you’re interested to watch it, go to Youtube and Visit the “Amit Timari” channel and start the course now.

11. Complete Freelancing Course

In this course, You’ll learn freelance-related things in detail from the basics. Hisham Sarwar covered all the factors which every freelancer should learn. He’ll train you about:

  • Introduction to marketplaces Fiverr, Upwork, and Freelance.com.
  • Types of Freelancing
  • Communication Skills and Profile Optimization
  • How to bid on Freelance Websites?

So if you want to learn freelance, it’s a great opportunity to start and our team will give 24/7 customer support to help you in every step. Enroll yourself in this course in LearnOnline.pk courses section and become a successful freelancer.

Final Thoughts

I hope you enjoyed this article and found it helpful. These are some of the best free courses to learn online available in Pakistan. If you have any suggestions or feedback, contact Learnonline.pk team and get your answer in minutes.

Happy Learning!

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