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In this course, you will learn how to turn your blog into a source of passive income. We have designed our program in a way that speaks with clarity and purpose: it is 30 hours long, divided across different modules such as SEO for blogging or the importance of branding yourself on social media. The content has been carefully crafted by experts who understand what matters most to bloggers looking at ways to earn money online—from Amazon advertising strategies or monetizing their YouTube videos through affiliate marketing links; from understanding Google algorithms’ impact on search engine optimization (SEO) ranking practices all the way down to building up customer loyalty programs like Wishabi’s VIP Membership Plan which can bring in substantial earnings when used correctly. 

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Muhammad Ismail is a well known person in affiliate blogging’s world. He started his journey of success by giving different workshops at the Institute of Management Sciences (IMSciences) Peshawar. He delivered inspirational speeches at many universities and Youth Leadership Camps (YLCs) based on his experiences and success across Pakistan. He is a real example for the younger generation as he has turned down more than 7 job offers from reputed companies and organizations because his mission was to build his own empire of online learning and to share the knowledge with others so that they could reach their full potential towards economic development.
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