What is Blogging & How to Earn Money from Blogging in 2024

what is blogging & how to earn money from blogging

Wondering! Can I earn money through blogging?

Absolutely YES! you can!

I know there are many queries in your head like What is blogging? How do we write blog? What challenges do you face as a newbie? Which skills are required and how much investment is needed to start? How long is expected to make your first dollar? Last but not least, how can you flip a website?

Believe me, many of you can make it from blogging easily.

And, I wish someone had guided me before I started my blogging journey. 

And I am sure my experience will guide you on which mistakes you should avoid at the beginning of a blog.

Why Did I Choose Blogging?

While telling my story I always have tears in my eyes. Life was never easy for me. Unfortunately, I lost my father when I was young, and my family was having financial crisis they had no one to support them so I became their only hope.

I wanted to pursue my higher education but I needed money to fulfill my educational expenses. That’s why I requested my relatives to lend me some money.

Guess what!  They refused. 

And it was the moment when I could see my dream completely shattered. Then my mother decided to sell her Gold(jewelry) so I can get admission and continue my further studies.

Along with my education, I started applying for many jobs but didn’t get any. So then, I decided to start my own fast-food restaurant but still, life was never easy for me.

Well, the question is “how did I get into blogging”?

During struggling days, I was sitting with my friends. Suddenly, my cell phone popped up with a notification, and it was a text but for me, it was a knock at the door of my online career.  

Guess what?

It was a scam text from the marketing agencies and It said that (if I wanted to make money online, you needed to start with PTC (paid-to-click) business.

After that, I was exploring on the internet about online earning and I got to know the idea of blogging. Then I kept on searching about it and followed almost all the pro bloggers to educate myself to the extent that I can give back to the community.

And then started adding value to my community through “Quora” where I saw the queries of people and I started resolving them with the idea of expert bloggers and my own knowledge.

I was just inspired by my experience and the feedback I was getting from the community and that’s why I just decided to start my own journey of blogging.

That’s How my journey began!

How Did Blogging Change My Life?

I started blogging in 2013, and as a newbie, I was unaware of many things and I had no idea of writing, but these reasons never stopped me from growing as an affiliate blogger.

Later, I was called out numerous times among expert bloggers nationally and internationally. And I was also invited by the government of the U.S. (United States of America) for meetups with the world’s greatest entrepreneurs, founders, and startups.

And then I got featured in Pakistan’s magazine, being interviewed by national and international channels like Voice of America, Radio Pakistan, and khyber new as well as Mashriq Tv.

And it didn’t stop there, I played a leading role as a training coordinator in the KPK youth employment program which is organized by the world bank & KPIT board.

Currently, I am the founder of “Dairynic” a consultant at “university of Spoken English & computer sciences” and a coach at different universities.

I had three offices in Peshawar then I built a new office in Islamabad and now, I have my own well-furnished studio where I record my POdcast, youtube content as well as TikTok videos.


It does not end here too, I recently launched Pakistan’s first keyword Research tool named “keyword cloud”.

I taught more than 100k students across Pakistan with YouTube, Udemy, and our own platform learnonline.pk and now they are living their life with laptop earnings.

Let You Be the next to build your career online by joining our free and paid course by learnonline.pk

How Did I Generate My First Dollar By Blogging? 

I got my first dollar after three years because at that time I had no one to guide me.

Luckily, you guys have me. so, I am going to guide you on how you generate your first dollar within the minimum time.  

But I must say blogging is not for faint heart people and for those who want quick earning you must have patience and consistency in your work.

Blogging can make you millionaire

Let’s jump into “what blogging is”. 

Yes! This is the most frequently asked question that I have been asked throughout my journey and almost at every event that I go to.

Although, there are multiple definitions on the internet of affiliate blogging. 

But let me make it simple for you guys, a blog is more than a personal diary and you can utilize it to share your routines, and information or also communicate through online platforms.

So, the content of the blog can be your travel journey, sharing kitchen recipes, and so on. 

But blogging has more potential for businesses to get the maximum targeted audience and earn money through it.

However, blogs are not only used for marketing purposes. It can turn you into a self-start venture all by itself. 

“You might be wondering how I started my affiliate blog and how I earned money from it.

So, here I am going to share all the steps you need to know before starting your own blog”. 

1. Niche Research  

Niche is your area of interest and the main topic to start your blog. Niche research is mandatory before selecting your niche but there are many newbies who are confused while choosing the niche whether they go for a broader niche or a specific niche.

Let me be clear, the broader niche is highly competitive like gaming laptops and the micro niche is low competitive like laptop motherboards.

So,  I will highly recommend you to go for a micro niche as a newbie. If you want to learn more about niche research don’t miss it out : here is the link

2.Keyword Research 

The next step is to find the relevant keywords of your niche and Guess what, I have a free tool for you to find your keywords with just one click.

“Keyword cloud is the first free tool of Pakistan that makes Keyword research easy for newbies”. So, here is more information you would like to know about it. click on the link.

3.Domain Selection 

The process of domain selection and website creation is the next step and I will recommend some AI tools to select your domain and buy hosting from Hostinger. 

4.Quality Content

Now you are done with your niche and have picked keywords for your blog it’s time to write unique content for the blog that attracts readers.

Unique content easily grabs organic traffic for your website but if you find it difficult to write content manually then I will highly recommend AI Tools for writing. 

Do you want to know how to complete your article in 20 minutes with AI tools, just click on the link:

5. Search Engine Optimization

Seo is the backbone of the blogging industry. In simple words, it’s improving your website visibility when people search for products and services on google. 


Without monetization, your website is not able to generate money and you have to register your website with google Adsense and amazon affiliates.

But the question is, can we monetize our website through google Adsense and amazon affiliates? 

of course, we can but we have to follow the privacy of both google adsense and amazon affiliates.

Final Words for Those Who Want to Start Blogging

Blogging is tough for those who want to make money instantly because its required a long time commitment, full courage, and time.

I have learned from my experience blogging is an ongoing learning process and being willing to explore new tools or new things. Newbies may wonder what skills are required to start a blog.

So, I am going to clarify one thing, you all need patience, consistency, and dedication. Even if you’re not a writer, you can still become a good blogger and make a six-figure income by blogging. There are many AI tools to help you with writing.

The people who have the courage to celebrate every pinch of their success and happiness, they succeed. And, Now follow the steps I mentioned above to start your blog.