AI Niche Site 2 Update: Month 2

AI Niche Site 2 Update Month 2

Today I am here to present to you my second month’s progress on the niche site. In case you missed my first month’s progress kindly check my first-month case study: AI Niche Site 2 Update: Month 1

The reason behind starting this niche is, My Team lead started a rich niche 2 months ago when I started seeing the progress of their website, so we decided to take a start on my project.

If you are curious about their amazing progress you can also check their case study: Niche Site Project 1 Update: Month 2

Choose an evergreen micro-niche aligned with my interest, ensuring long-lasting relevance.Conducted keyword research using Semrush and manual methods for low-difficulty keywords. Opted for an exact match domain to enhance SEO and easy recall for visitors.

Used Hostinger hosting, installed the Kadence Block theme, and added Rankmath and Elementor for optimization.

Focused on the sub-micro niche for topical authority and becoming an authority in that area.Aiming to publish 300 articles in one month to be a go-to source for our niche. Utilized to automate content creation and save time.

Implemented Link Whisper for effortless internal linking and better user navigation. I was regularly using Story Scrapper to drive organic traffic with new and trending stories.

Engaging with the audience on social platforms, and sharing valuable niche-related content.

Now, let’s jump right into the exciting details of how our website has been flourishing, making progress, and achieving great things in its second month.

Strategy for 2nd Month:

For the next month, our goals are: 

  • Content Creation: I will publish 15 articles daily. 
  • Social Presence: I have planned to maintain a daily posting schedule on our social media profiles.
  • Web stories: My plan is to add 10-plus web stories every day.
  • Ranking: I aimed to rank at least most of the articles in the top two
  •  SERPs positions.

How I Started:

Here is some crazy news for you guys we published 500 articles on the website and indexed 300 plus pages on Google.

After the end of my first month on my website as I told you about the creation of the social profile. I created accounts on Quora, Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook.

I wrote an article from Auto blogging as I told you previously so I publish daily 5 articles as per schedule,

To boost our online presence and draw in more visitors, my plan was to actively post on our social media profiles. The idea is to connect with our audience, spark conversations, and share valuable content that relates to our niche. By doing so, we want to engage people and encourage them to explore our website further. So I decided that I am active on social platforms.

I  created 10 web stories daily from story scrapper. Firstly I used a module in the story scraper keyword to the story but now I used a link to the story which goes better with my keywords.

On Quora, I post questions related to key topics. I also do comment on people’s posts and upvoting someone’s answers.

As I told you I used a pin generator for generating pins but this tool did not go well for me so I decided to create manually pins. On Pinterest, I created  2,3 pins on a daily basis.

Mistakes & Issues: 

  1. But as time passes, some issues come into my path, that is website pages are going to be non-indexed.
  1. Some errors occur on my pages.
  1. The page speed of my website could be faster. there are so many reasons for page speed slow but the most important is your image should be compressed.
  1. On Mobile, my page performance is 64%, the good news is on desktop page performance is 96%.

But the fact is page speed matters for both desktop and mobile. Your application or any website must be user-friendly for both screens.

For Desktop

 For Mobile:

Now Coming Toward Results:


  • On Quora, I used to start daily 1 posting related to my articles and 2,3 comments on people’s posts and it take hardly 30 minutes.

Here you can see the progress on my Quora Account:


  • On Pinterest, I create daily 2 pins and it takes 20 minutes.

Here you can see my progress over the last 30 days.

  • Overview of my Pinterest profile
  • Performance over time:
  • Total impressions:

Google Search Console:

Here you can see the Google search console Result.

Google Analytics:

Here you can check my comparison chat on google analytics.


Here you can see the results on Semrush. According to SEMRush, all keywords have informational intent.

  • Take a look at the position change screenshot, The majority of our keywords are moving in the upward direction! It’s a positive trend, and we’re seeing improvements in our rankings. This is really promising and shows that our efforts are paying off. 
  • Here you can see that 3 keywords are ranking first 10 pages according to Semrush.


Analyzing our website’s performance on Ahrefs, we discovered that out of the 180 keywords tracked. The successful implementation of these strategies further strengthened our content optimization efforts and significantly improved our website’s visibility.

Plan for the Third Month:

As we step into our third month on this exciting journey, we’ve got a clear and straightforward plan in place to keep growing and achieve even better results. Here’s what we’ve got lined up:

Article Production: 

Aim to publish 50 articles, providing valuable information to our readers.

Optimize articles:

Optimize my previous article on a daily basis and indexed them again.

Social profile:

I start working on my social profiles on Facebook and also on Instagram.

Related Articles:

I start added related articles to my keywords. The purpose of adding the article is to gain the trust of Google.


 Acquire five high-quality backlinks through HARO and guest posting, strengthening our website’s authority.


Overall the second progress is going well for me. Some difficulties occur on my path but I know how to manage them. The good news is that my pages started being indexed.

Implemented diverse SEO strategies to achieve first-page Google rankings and acquire backlinks from authoritative websites.

Now, as we step into the third month, get ready for even more exciting updates and achievements.