Salman Saeed, Who Made $500k from Website Flipping and Blogging

Finally, the wait is over. And here we are with a new case study with one of my favorite people and yes he’s none other than Salman Saeed.

Salman Saeed – CEO of Nucleus. The person belongs to a city where not many even are aware of the internet. And yet he managed to change his life forever by earning up to 2M$ from blogging and online work. And building an empire under the name of Nucleus in the capital of Pakistan Islamabad.

Excited right?

Let’s jump straight into it and find out when and how it all started!

How He Made It Possible To Come To The Online Field? 

He said he was an ordinary guy with an extraordinary dream of doing something big.

And he saw his dream come true the moment he got to know Saad Hamid. And he was just so inspired by him that he decided to start his own journey of blogging and YES! later it worked for him.

In 2010, he started his first blog in the tech niche. However, he soon realized that tech wasn’t his passion and shifted gears to photography and design niche. Which just changed the whole game for him, and from there onward he never looked back since then he attributes his success to finding the right niche.

As he believes. “The best way to identify a profitable niche is to look for something you’re passionate about,” he says. “If you’re not interested in the topic, you won’t be able to write quality content.”

And that’s why he always emphasizes identifying the right niche. 

In 2012, Salman made his first sale – flipping a website for $100,000. This was just the beginning and he soon went on to make even bigger deals, selling a second website in 2014 for $500k$.

And from there he never stops and manages to get the attention of some big brands and now he is working with Facebook, Google, etc.

He has also shared so many interesting yet inspirational stories in his recent podcast so don’t miss it out: here is the link.

How Did You Choose Blogging At That Time?

What he just said was really interesting that we used to have small meetups. And there I got a chance to get closer to Saad and Haris Nadeem they were the two guys Badar khushnood ( The google country manager) used to praise and found out they are earning money online by writing some articles. So from there on onward, I decided If they can do it I can do it too.

Technically, I was more inspired by their lifestyle—they posted pictures of nice cars and houses, which showed me that it was possible to make money through blogging. From there, I linked myself with Saad and started learning SEO and digital marketing. And my life just changed—I started earning more and more money. Anyone can do it if they’re willing to learn and take action

I think anyone can do it, you don’t have to be an expert in any field, you just have to have the willingness to learn and take action.

What Was Your Approach To Amazon Affiliate Blogging

He said, that just go and search products on amazon as there are a hundred thousand products available on amazon just a product form there having a search volume from 10k to 20k, and then just keep targeting all the low-volume keywords related to those products.

He then even added a very helpful and unique approach of targeting even low CPM as he said its not always the High CPM that will bring you success, you can target and make a good strategy of targeting low CPM countries and can earn very good out of it.

As he shared his example that in his time he used to hire Spanish content writers to write Spanish articles for him and it worked for him.

Then after asking a very important question for all those who are thinking to start their career as bloggers.

How Much Investment Does A Beginner Need To Start Blogging?

He suggested an initial investment of 40k for those who want to start blogging, which would include buying a domain, hosting, and a writing tool like Jasper.

However, he emphasizes that everyone can do it, as he shared his story when he wanted to start it and he didn’t even have that minimum investment. He borrowed some money from his uncle and kept his camera with him as collateral so that he could give him the money. This is how he started his journey and now he has earned more than 2M$ online.

And yes if you are curious about where to buy the domain and hosting then are the links to buy with just one click.

What Is Your Take On The Competition In Blogging Than Before?

He said yes no doubt competition has increased drastically but at the same time, the online market is expanding too as more and more people are getting connected to the internet day by day.

“The key is to identify the niche you’re passionate about and focus on that.”

And just try to cover it as much as possible to make sure you are dominating that specific micro niche. As he said there are still not only so many niches to discover. But also most of the existing niches aren’t as well covered as they should be.

What Do You Think About The Competition In Blogging Compared To Before?

He said that there is no doubt that the competition has increased drastically, but at the same time, the online market is expanding as well, since more and more people are getting connected to the internet every day.

“The key is to identify the niche you’re passionate about and focus on that,” he said.

He suggested trying to dominate that specific micro-niche by covering it as much as possible and making sure the content is original and of high quality.

“The one thing you can control is the quality of your content,” he said. “Just try to make it the best it can be.”

As he said there are still undiscovered profitable niches and most of the existing niches aren’t targeted as they should be, which creates more opportunities for bloggers. So if you can produce great content, there’s a good chance you can succeed in the blogging world.

What Are Your Thoughts On The Future Of Blogging?

He said, “I think blogging is here to stay and will continue to grow. I don’t see any threats to it in the near future.”

Yes, people are visually attracted more to videographers but still, a good well-written article will always have its own value.

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