Top 9 Best Youtubers In Pakistan 2024

top 9 youtubers in pakistan

There is a new breed of celebrity on the internet, and they go by the name of YouTubers. These content creators have found massive success by sharing their lives and thoughts with the world through videos on YouTube.

Pakistani YouTubers are some of the most popular in the world, and for good reason – they’re hilarious, informative, and engaging.

Want to see what all the fuss is about? Then check out our list of some of the best YouTubers in Pakistan out there. From cooking to comedy to vlogging, these creators have something for everyone.

Top 9 Best Youtubers In Pakistan

1. Food Fusion

best youtubers in pakistan

Asad Memon is the owner of the Food Fusion channel, which features cooking shows. The channel has 4.47 million subscribers. This channel was created by Asad Memon to encourage viewers to learn new recipes step by step while watching his films.

The company’s co-owners, Asad and Saima, have established a powerful local brand through their YouTube channel. Food Fusion is one of the most popular YouTube channels, which features recipes from around the world.

Meanwhile, the idea of making videos primarily without words by simply naming ingredients and phases has made it far simpler for consumers to keep track of all the components and cooking stages. People of all ages enjoy this internet culinary program from Pakistan as well as people throughout the world.

Don’t forget to check out their channel if you’re interested in learning new cooking recipes.

2. Kitchen with Amna

best youtubers in pakistan

Amna Riaz is one of the most popular female YouTubers from Pakistan. She is the first Pakistani woman to achieve the YouTube Gold Play Button. Her channel, known as Kitchen with Amna, features her cooking skills and very delicious meals that are easy to make.

She began her YouTube channel in 2016 and since then, she has gotten 50 million plus views and over 4.39 million subscribers, making her Pakistan’s most subscribed female YouTuber.

Cooking or baking has never been so easy as it has become in this era. You can watch the video of any meal that you want to cook or bake and follow the recipe. Amna has also shared her self-made kitchen recipes that are preferred by most Pakistani people.

3. P 4 Pakao – Nadir Ali

best youtubers in pakistan

P 4 Pakao is one of the most popular YouTube channels in Pakistan. Nadir Ali, the man behind the channel, is a king of comedy and entertainment. He started the channel about six years ago and has since collected over 3.97 million subscribers on his channel.

Most of the videos on P 4 Pakao feature Ali’s comedic pranks and funs. His large following has made him one of the highest-paid YouTubers in Pakistan, with an estimated annual income of over 60 million rupees.

If you’re looking for a comedy and pranks channel that will make you laugh, be sure to check out P 4 Pakao. You won’t be disappointed.

4. Ducky Bhai – Saad Ur Rehman

best youtubers in pakistan

Ducky Bhai is a YouTube channel run by Saad ur Rehman, based in Lahore, Pakistan. Saad ur Rehman is a computer science graduate from Comsat Lahore. The channel features comedic roast videos and has amassed a large following since its inception in 2017. His subscribers are 5.9 million now.

Ducky Bhai has been able to grow his channel significantly due to the quality of his content and his willingness to roast anyone, regardless of their popularity.

His roasts are often seen as being funnier than those of his Indian counterparts and he has amassed a large number of subscribers as a result. If you’re looking for a good laugh, be sure to check out Ducky Bhai’s YouTube channel.

5. Village Food Secrets – Mubashir Saddiqui

best youtubers in pakistan

Village Food Secrets is a successful YouTube channel run by Mubashir Saddiqui, a 36-year-old man from the small village of Shahpur in Sialkot, Pakistan. The channel offers traditional recipes and cooking methods from Pakistan’s rural areas, all of which are prepared using basic wooden and handcrafted equipment.

In four years, Mubashir Saddiqui’s videos have amassed a huge following of 4+ million subscribers, making him one of Pakistan’s most popular YouTubers. He has appeared on several international media outlets after establishing himself as one of the country’s premier content providers.

If you’re looking for some quality content from a Pakistani Youtuber, then Mubashir Saddiqui should definitely be on your list. His videos are informative and entertaining and will give you a glimpse into the simple lifestyle of rural Pakistan.

6. Qasim Ali Shah – Best Motivational Speaker

best youtubers in pakistan

Qasim Ali Shah is a motivational speaker who has found success in Pakistan and beyond. His content is popular among the youth of Pakistan for its relatable and down-to-earth approach.

He started his YouTube channel 7 years ago and has since accrued over 3.65+million subscribers. His videos often feature him giving lectures or speeches, but he also includes shorter motivational videos that he has filmed himself.

His unique approach has gained him a lot of attention both in Pakistan and other countries. If you’re looking for some motivational content, Qasim Ali Shah Youtube channel is full of these things.

7. Shoaib Akhtar

best youtubers in pakistan

Shoib Akhter is a former Pakistani cricketer who has reinvented himself as a prominent YouTuber. Akhter’s channel features both cricket commentary and reviews, as well as interviews with other famous cricketers.

Akhter established his YouTube channel three years ago and has since achieved over 3.6+ million subscribers. His videos frequently feature him giving his thoughts on cricket matches or conducting interviews with other prominent cricketers.

If you enjoy cricket, Shoib Akhter’s YouTube channel is definitely worth a look. His films are informative and amazing, and they offer you a fresh perspective on cricket.

8. Asad Ali TV

best youtubers in pakistan

Asad Ali TV is a tech commentator who is well known for the reviews and tips that he provides on his YouTube channel. His content is in Urdu which makes it easy for local viewers to understand.

He has also been featured on Pakistan Television PTV’s show discussing the potential of social media for people in Pakistan. His channel subscribers are above 2.3+ million and he is growing day by day.

If you’re looking for a tech commentator and online skills trainer who understands the Pakistani market and can guide you in simple Urdu, then Asad Ali TV is the perfect channel for you. Subscribe now and stay up-to-date with the latest in the tech world!

9. Azad Chaiwala

best youtubers in pakistan

Azad Chaiwala is a popular social media personality and entrepreneur from Pakistan. He is most well-known for his work in the tech industry and for his self-titled YouTube channel, where he uploads videos about investing, skill learning, building wealth, and other online and offline business-related topics.

He has amassed over 1.7+ million subscribers on his YouTube channel and is also popular on other social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok. His business career began at the age of 12 and he eventually started his YouTube channel in 2014 with the dream of becoming a celebrity.

Azad Chaiwala’s content is mainly focused on helping his viewers learn about different aspects of business and entrepreneurship. He offers tips and advice on how to be successful in various industries, as well as shares his own experiences with his audience.

Whether you’re looking to learn more about business or just want to be entertained by a well-spoken and engaging personality, Azad Chaiwala is available for you. I really love the way he’s working for the nation to aware our young generation of the business and technology world. For me, he’s one of the best Youtubers in Pakistan ever.

Final Thoughts

Youtube is a great platform for content creators of all kinds, including those in Pakistan. These YouTubers are just some of the many who are making a name for themselves in the country.

If you’re looking for entertaining, informative, or just plain interesting content, whether it’s cooking, business ideas, comedy, freelancing, technology, or motivational videos. Be sure to check out these best Pakistani YouTubers. You won’t be disappointed!